there goes my weekly summary: #2

This week was a fight between my love of creation and spending hours fixing minute things no one would notice and my lack of time. Even though I had a week and started almost immediately with my character creation assignment, the urge to make everything perfect by taking days to do each assignment left me running at the end of the week to finish everything.

Creating my assignments for the week was definitely fun until I realized how much time I wasted with things like choosing just the right font to match the movie posters in my infographic for Baby Driver. Even smaller assignments like the five frame story and cartoon character ad were immediately turned into tasks of stress as I debated between using different movie images or gifs that were almost identical. If I’ve learned anything this week it’s that I need to learn how to focus and get these done a lot faster somehow.

The reading for this week was definitely not what I was expecting when I started. To say I’ve met a new side of the internet is an understatement as I’ve never heard of the Techno-Optimist group and did not know they were so extreme. I go into it more in my post here.

Finally, the daily creates. This was honestly the most fun of my day. The prompts were random and kinda wacky in a way I wouldn’t have guessed. You can view those creations below.

Day 1: #tdc4390 Your Town’s What 3 Words Map Story.

I’m from Woodbridge and I got back the three words: toward, corner, fails.

Day 2: #tdc4391 Ceiling Post.

Not a very interesting ceiling just feels very bright and spacious.

Day 3: #tdc4392 Write a Fibonacci Poem


learned what

Fibonacci poems are.

They become quite easily overlong

as each line grows and words spread until

the lines start unfurling into the margins of the page and start pushing

into the edges of my computer forcing their way through the screen flowing into my the world and now your screen.

Day 4: #tdc4394 California Dreaming based on this view

A storm rages through the trees and the mountains,

Surrounding the land in its dark story clouds

While the world drowns in its neverending shower.

A lone steel tower stands still through the storm,

The solitaire pillar looms over a forest of green

Out of place the only non-life form.

Day 5: #tdc4395 Internet Emergency Exit sign


  1. I totally get the whole hang up on things being perfect problem. I see the flaws in my work very easily. I have been working on letting things go and enjoying the imperfections. I am obsessive about quality. I have a painting that my goal was to see if I could finish the whole thing in the class time. I had to focus on speed and not perfection. It helped me let go of the idea of perfection. Since I am just learning how to do a lot of computers stuff, I am just getting excited when I manage to produce anything still.

    • It’s so weird hearing someone say what I’ve been thinking wow. I might have to try going into a project with a time limit in mind because I definitely overdo it especially if I’m just learning how to do something. Hopefully we can both get better at being ok with our work being imperfect soon!

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