two hour movie in five frames

My take on the Five Frame Story assignment.

Tell a story using five photos. Basically, that’s it. Figure out the story you want to tell and then take five photos to tell it. If you need to edit, add filters, etc. in order to get the effect you want, go for it. 

ds106 assignment info: five frame story

I chose this assignment after seeing Sydney Says Things do it. I loved the idea so much that I had to try it because I love making silly things. It tells the story of one of my favorite movies and I’ve rewatched many times with friends. While it is a well-known movie it was hard to summarize it into 5 gifs so I really hope someone gets it. This is definitely a form of digital storytelling as it takes a movie (already digital), into a format that is faster to digest for people on the internet everywhere to view. Not scary at all.

Making this post was pretty easy. First I looked through my list of favorite movies to find one that I knew well enough to convey in 5 gifs which was harder than I thought it would be. Once I decided I searched through Giphy for the right images and embedded them here.Β 

Best of luck and enjoy the funny images people!


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