there goes my weekly summary: #9

This week was radio show week part 1! We had to finalize our show idea and started making all that will need to go into it. I talk about my progress with that monstrous task here. We also had to make a design for our show which you can look at here.

For my 2 audio assignments, I made a good morning aggressors! message to inspire cheerfulness and a little bit of fear in Aggressive Tech’s loyal supporters. And my weird product ad meets 80s radio show where I truly have no explanation for how I got to the final product idea.

Daily creates below!

Day 1: #tdc4450 C D Hobbit

Turning, she found herself face to face with a hobbit. “Curiosity, little one?” she chuckled, the corners of her lips curling into a wry smile. “Care to join me?” she offered, extending the pack of cigarettes toward him. With a hesitant nod, the hobbit accepted, taking a cigarette and watching with curiosity as the witch conjured a flame with a flick of her finger. The witch couldn’t help but wonder what other adventures the letter “C” might bring into her night.

Day 2: #tdc4451 Endangered poetry!

This is a translation of a poem written by Giulia di Rocco, a Romani poet.

There is a silence.

A silence that surrounds you

Inspiring terror…

But nothing can be done

before the silence

of death

Day 3: #tdc4452 Bicycle

A bicycle with a bed attached so when you ultimately get tired of pedaling you have a proper place to rest. Don’t worry about the extra weight!


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