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My attempt at making a movie infographic for the movie, Baby Driver.

I chose this assignment because I am a huge consumer of movies and TV shows so this would finally be a chance to use it. After looking at the example I wanted to create mine to have the inclusion of some iconic imagery that would pull focus to something cool. So I choose Baby Driver because the cars are such an iconic part that would look amazing on an infographic as well as it being such a detailed amazing movie. This infographic gives the viewer a brief rundown on some small trivia and captures the important parts of the movie that make it so incredible. By taking the story of a movie and putting it into a quick and easy-to-read instead of scavenging through scattered wiki pages, interviews, and reviews it becomes the perfect digital story format.

To make this assignment I knew I wanted to focus on the cars since they are the focus of the movie so I found a list of all the cars used. I then found images of all of them with proper coloring on the web and used a background remover tool to make each image transparent. After compiling all these images into Canva along with a few extras relevant to the movie I added some facts I found on IMDb and Moviepedia. I then immediately deleted all the images that piled up on my desktop, only worsened by my indecisiveness over what I wanted to include in such a small space.

Please enjoy an assignment I put too much time into and enjoyed way too much.

Baby Driver Infographic

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  1. Damn you must have put a ton of time into this infographic, it is brilliant. My favorite tune is the early heist with the John Spenser Blues Expplosion’s “Bellbottoms,” such a great moment in that film.

    • I did get a little caught up in the fun of the movie. In case you couldn’t tell I’ve watched it a lot. Bellbottoms is such classic moment in the movie. My favorite song heist sequence is probably “Neat Neat Neat: by The Damned with the Mike Myers masks.

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