This week we had to do a Photoblitz and it was somehow both easier than I thought it would be and very hectic. When I first got my list I tried planning out where I would take the photos and while some of them were pretty easy to plan, like the horizon photo, others were a bit harder to figure out. One of the harder ones was the photo that illustrated connection. I was debating between so many different interpretations of that prompt that I just froze in the middle of my room holding three different objects for three different possible photos. At a certain point I just chose the one that was the most direct and went with it. Near the end of the 20 minutes, I was outside rushing to get to the places I had planned to take the photos. Somehow my indecisiveness didn’t get me too off schedule and I was able to finish all 7 photos in 20 minutes. Overall it was definitely an interesting assignment that I’ve never tried before but was pretty fun.

  • Change perspective! Look up make a photo of what’s going on in the sky.
  • Square is hip! Lose the rectangle. A photo with square (1:1) aspect ratio.
  • Take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable, common object.
  • Create a photograph that illustrations connection.
  • Wood has a lot of character and variety. A photo of something wooden.
  • Emphasize the sky by placing the horizon very low or very high.
  • Take a photo of something at an unusual angle

The photos are in order from left to right enjoy!


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