the little radio show that could

The radio show is finally complete! This week was where all the actual work past the easy planning and writing started. Before anything else could get done we needed a script. We had laid out our show idea and some general question ideas down but we needed to solidify the actual concept. So I made an outline for our script laying a general idea of what questions had to be asked and our dodgy responses that incorporated just enough deception for maximum cult manipulation.

After that was done I used Elevenlabs to record my dialogue using the voice I made for my character a while ago. I then choose some radio show sound essentials you can find here: Haunted Atmo, 3 tone chime, Censor BEEP, Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program.

Like I said on my last radio show update, I chose to use DaVinci Resolve to do my editing. So once the sounds were chosen and the audio recorded I started compiling them all into one project. There was a fair bit of audio editing I did to try to normalize the audio levels and fix any background noises. And while it is definitely not as good as it would be if we were able to record all together in a podcast studio, I made the best of what we had. So after tweaking the EQ, dynamics, background removal, cutting some of the speaking errors in the audio, and smoothing out the jumps between different cuts, the podcast was done!

I also used the podcast design I made last week for the image on SoundCloud where you can all now listen to Düşünür trying to catch Georgia and Andrea lying about the Aggressive Tech’s intentions.

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  1. May I use quotes or direct audio from your radio show in my video project for week 12? I currently have no comment from A.T. at this time but instead I could quote Andrea or Geogia.

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