there goes my weekly summary: #7

WE LOVE PROPAGANDA WEEK!!! For both my propaganda poster and my PSA I focused on Aggressive Technologies and the role it is taking in the world that is basically being controlled by them at this point. It was a little rough coming up with ideas though since last week I did my own sort of propaganda week, but after looking up some inspiration online and the other posts from our class I made a sort of plan for what I wanted to do.

My post-reaction was an unexpected fun activity from this week since I was able to get into the mind of Andrea and create more layers to her personality. It was also fun as always to see what the rest of the class is working on with such broad assignment prompts.

Also in my free time, I added some small customizations to my website theme. I already knew how to code before but I learned a lot about CSS so that I could add small things. Like the effect that highlights the post when you hover over it and some slight adjustments to change the spacing of the header and its elements which isn’t a customizable option through the theme’s usual settings.

Daily creates below!

Day 1: #tdc4429 Convey something pure

When I think of the word pure one of the first things that comes to mind is pure love that can come in all sorts of forms

Day 2: #tdc4430 Net Art? or Not Art?

I put in “Solitude in the Cityscape” and I would say it captured it pretty well if the watermarks weren’t so in your face.

Day 3: #tdc4431 What are the oscillators crooning?

They’re a traveling quartet of singers displaying their full range for all to hear! They perform many different styles from opera to beatboxing and between the 4 of them they can pull off whatever you throw at them.


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