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In a big company like Aggressive Technologies, communication is important. From employees and bosses talking to the company speaking to the public,Β it has to be done efficiently and properly. That’s where I believe DeepBrain AI’s video creation software could save this company’s time while facilitating better communication.

First and foremost, DeepBrain AI offers an impressive array of realistic and diverse AI avatars, each capable of conveying your message with authenticity and impact. Some of them even have different positions you can place them in. While the avatars are still images, they still add the feeling of another person on the other side who cares.

Their natural text-to-speech generator ensures that the videos that are made sound as good as they look. With support for multiple languages, customizable tones, and pauses, the delivery can be tailored to suit the audience and message perfectly.

DeepBrain AI’s biggest tool is its powerful video generator. It allows you to simply input your text, whether it’s a topic prompt, URL, PDF, blog, article, or PowerPoint presentation, and their tools will go to work. It produces a video for you with a script being read, an avatar, and images. And while the videos they generate are never really perfect you have complete editing control that takes less time than making a video from scratch.

This software would not only save Aggressive Technologies time but could also be incorporated into their other software making it even better.


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