media brainwashing: andrea reacts

After making my own PSA and propaganda poster, we had to create a reaction post about how our characters would react to some of the designs from other blogs in the class. While Andrea, my character, works for Aggressive Technologies and has put in considerable time on the newer projects they’re releasing, she isn’t as fanatic about AI as most employees are. She mostly sees the job as a step towards the future she’s planned for herself and of course another way to crush Georgia under her foot.

First is Destiny’s propaganda poster on their blog Sunrisen. Andrea probably wouldn’t think too much about the posters if she saw them since it’s the same old speech she hears every day at work. She might be a little weirded out though if they were to show up multiple times on her walk. Because even though she’s working for the company making the software, even Andrea is sometimes concerned with how far Aggressive Tech is trying to go. Especially if their reach starts to extend beyond the everyday folk and into her world.

Next, I saw According to Greta’s PSA. Andrea would definitely hate the fact that the only option is a sweatshirt. Even though it’s an NFT appearances matter to her and she would avoid it, even if the actual function is convenient. Andrea will willingly spend more time and money on other options until she can fully express her immaculate style through every part of her life.

Finally Hurkle-Durkling’s propaganda poster. Andrea would probably love the poster for the ideas it gives her. Ways to monitor people (Georgia) when she’s not there, an assistant that will complete all her tasks with no question on her quest to defeat her enemies (Georgia again), or for its actual intended use of being there after she dies to haunt people (Georgia of course).

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  1. N F Treasure has shirts, hoodies and other apparel too. It all has the same casual, sporty look though.

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