there goes my weekly summary: #6

It’s video week part 2! This week’s assignment choices had a lot of options and it was hard to choose at first. While I may have overdone the worldbuilding a little bit for my character Andrea, I simply enjoyed the process too much to stop.

For my first assignment, I did one where we had to tell our course character’s story. I ended up telling the story of how Andrea and Georgia’s rivalry began. And of course, being Andrea, the story is ridiculously dramatic as she laments her struggle with Georgia in her journal and so the title needed to be theatrical as well The Rivalry Redefined: Andrea’s Story.

When I saw this post in the assignment bank I immediately heard Frank Costanza yelling “Serenity Now!’ and I knew I had to do it. While this assignment wasn’t me screaming the same way I did enjoy the simple serenity that my Serenity Now! But for real video produced.

The last assignment is actually the first one I started but took the longest. I made an Aggressive Technologies Propaganda ad where my character Andrea records a video campaign for the company. As a completely unrelated part of the assignment, I may have gotten carried away and made another subdomain to host some content for Aggressive Technologies.

Daily creates:

Day 1: #tdc4421 What prompted this man’s facial expression?

He’s listening to his favorite song I’m Blue da ba dee da ba daa

Day 2: #tdc4422 Make your own snow globe

I love the idea of virtual snow globes this was fun


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