aggressive tech: propaganda poster

For this assignment, we had to design some propaganda of our choosing which was a very open-ended prompt I wasn’t sure what to do with. Especially since last week, I had unknowingly already done a propaganda theme of my own I had felt like all my good ideas were used already.

So to find some inspiration I looked up some propaganda posters and after looking for a while I found I design I liked that was actually inspired by the game Fallout 76. So with this concept in mind, I chose to make one for Aggressive Technologies because it’s a nice blank slate that can go in any direction. Since Andrea works for them it would make sense that she might have to do some PR work for the company like the propaganda video I made last week.

I used Stable Diffusion Online to create the image of the poster in a cyberpunk style. The final design is actually a combination of two different photos. I couldn’t get the generator to produce an android and city image I like in the same frame so I took the android from another photo it made, removed the background, and plopped it into a generated photo of the city using Photopea.

I then wanted the company’s banners all over the city and at first I tried just to replace them by placing the text over it but it looked weird since it didn’t capture how the words would look if it was flowing in the wind. So I quickly made a banner-sized flag in Canva and then uploaded the image to this website, FlagWaver, I found that creates a flying flag with all types of settings where you can choose the type of flag to the wind direction and speed. With a few images of a flying banner, I edited them into my poster to make them look as natural as I could.

I then added the “Fight For Your Freedom” text to mimic some other propaganda posters I had seen. I also wanted people to have some way of joining and learning more so I made a QR code that links to the Aggressive Technologies website I made using a QR Code Generator I found that had a lot of customizable options. The final result is something I think could definitely be found plastered around the city to entice people into this cool-looking futuristic company that promises to help fight for the people’s freedom. The final result is below.


  1. I have been watching for a propaganda poster that my character resonated with and at last on this leap day, there is yours! Your creative journey to design the poster included some trouble shooting, which is to be respected. Natasha and I give it a thumbs up.

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