aggressive tech: propaganda video

For one of my assignments that needed to include my course character, I decided to make this Fake Propaganda Video that informs and glorifies its viewers about Aggressive Technologies.

Smash up any combination of videos, still images, and audio to create a fake propaganda video.  It can be comedic or (non-offensively, of course) serious, its up to you.  Possibilities include: advertising a product, creating a villain, or selling a revolution.

Fake Propaganda Video

In making this video I remembered the post I saw last week and ended up taking a lot of inspiration from Paul’s take on the company. The logo in particular really stuck with me and I wanted to include it on all things Aggressive Tech. Since the font name had been forgotten I tried searching for it on my own or at least an alternative to remain consistent in the branding and potential alternative colors. Sadly, after some digging, I couldn’t find the original so I had to tweak the font a bit but the logo remains the same strong image. After settling on a new font called Tenex, I switched the text to match it.

My goal while making the script was to be as vague as possible while still leaving an impact on the viewers to join the cause of a corporate company that aims to do what? Exactly. I tried doing this by adding in seemingly random bits of information while leaving out so much like the lack of data or actual proof of their work and how it works. The Ai & Love story was one of my favorites because of how random it was thrown in with everything else.

For Andrea’s voice, I used ElevenLabs as they have some of the most customizable realistic-sounding voices for free that I’ve seen so far. So I tweaked around with the controls until I finally settled on a sound for Andrea’s voice which is very close to what I would imagine her to sound like. Andrea’s photo was made in The Sims and while this photo isn’t of the best quality I thought it would be better than an empty screen.

Next, I wanted to make some visual media for the reviews instead of it being the photo of Andrea sitting. So I went to Canva after drafting some blurbs and created all of the posters and magazine covers you see in the video as well as The Aggressive Manifesto. While I was making these I really wanted a place to keep them that could be added to and built off of. So after zero hesitation, I started the task of making a whole new subdomain for Aggressive Technologies. All of the company content can be found there but please bear with me I quite literally started working on it a few hours ago. Hopefully, this can be used as a way to create more content surrounding this ominous company.

I used the same music from the aggressive little technologies video, Lost Soul. The videos are from Free HD videos – YouTube, Pixabay, and Mixkit. The wedding photo was generated on Stable Diffusion Online.

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  1. This is amazing. I love how it is sinister and yet positive. The we are here to help you, but it also gives a bad vibe with the music. The hard work shows with you making the ads in the video on Canva.

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