there goes my weekly summary: #3

This week was a lot less stressful and I think I hit my stride because the assignments seemed easier to be more creative and I could actually have some fun with it. 

The design reflection was an interesting assignment that really made me learn some new things about the creative process and how to draw in audiences. Though learning to implement these new concepts is going to be its own task in itself.

Doing the photoblitz was a bit hectic but overall I like the results of my photos. I had never heard of this before either and had no idea what I was getting myself into but I think I did pretty ok though I’m not sure what would constitute a bad photoblitz.

The ai art assignment where we tried using art generators was new for me and so frustrating whenever I put in a prompt that seemed detailed to me but apparently the generator found to broad and gave me something completely different. But when I finally figured out how they worked it was interesting to see how bizarre some of the results ended up being.

Making a business card for my class character Andrea Grant was so fun because while making a business card for myself is kinda of boring, a fictional character with a whole different backstory has endless possibilities of what I can do.

Finally, the gif assignment was something I had wanted to try for so long, and trying to make one with one of my favorite movies was cool. So hopefully I did Natalie Portman justice because trying to not make it a choppy hard to watch gif was a struggle.

Overall while some things were a little frustrating I had a lot of fun trying out new ways of making digital media.

My daily creates are shown below as well!

Day 1: #tdc4399 Color in a Classic

The original “The Great Wave” on the left and my red take on the right

Day 2: #tdc4401 Gif your first job

My first job was as a sports referee

Day 3: tdc4403 #ds106 A Word For The In-Between Time

The word I would use would be, The Groggy Fog. I feel like the images looks like my brain feels when I’m like this.


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