first try at gifs and succeeding?

I did the Say It Like The Peanut Butter assignment from the assignment bank because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make gifs. I chose the movie Black Swan because when I was thinking of movies with scenes that capture its essence, Nina’s wing flutter movement immediately came to mind. I think this movement she does completely captures the movie as it is the character’s move key move during the ballet.

To make the gif I used this Animated GIF Maker I found where you compile all the images and with a few quick settings choices, it makes a gif. I tried this a few times as I knew I needed a lot of snapshots to create a gif that’s not too choppy but I severely underestimated how many I would need. I uploaded both of my attempts, the second one being the better of my tries and I stopped after that one because it felt like a smoother gif would require me to basically just record a video.

first try

second try


  1. I always think of Gifs as choppy in quality in general. Otherwise, it would just be a video clip?

    • Yes it would definitely just be a video clip if it was too smooth. I think I was mostly just frustrated by my first attempt at the time but it’s not as bad looking back at it.

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