aggressive tech: surveillance psa

This assignment was to create a PSA about Aggressive Technologies or AI. So I decided to make my PSA on one of the innovative technologies that I mentioned in my last video.

To start with I created a quick script that is meant to instill some fear into the viewers about a danger they likely didn’t know they had, because it’s not really a problem, and feel the need to take action. I intentionally brushed over the concern over privacy because this company is definitely using what they collect for something nefarious. We just don’t know what it is yet so of course they try not to spend too much time on it just enough to reassure the people. Once I finalized the script I uploaded it into Elevenlabs to recreate the kind of classic male narration voice.

For the actual video creation, it mostly consisted of a bunch of image editing. I generated the reporter, background, and some of the TV images on Lexica. The rest of the TV images I found on Unsplash here and here. I then removed the background of the reporter and parts of the broadcasting studio using this background remover. I then uploaded all the images onto Photopea to edit together. I added a banner with a fake news channel name and report title using droid and great lakes nf fonts. Once the images were finalized I found some scary background music on Freesound that I thought would put viewers on edge. The first and last video and audio were found on YouTube: we interrupt this program, and now back to your regularly scheduled program, and breaking news video. I used this video downloader to get them and imported them into iMovie. With all of these completed, I just did some quick editing and wow a video was made.


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