there goes my weekly summary: #8

This week was the calm before the storm. We had to decide on a solid concept for our radio show and form our groups. We also had to add to our class’s AI tool laboratory and make a sales pitch a product that Aggressive Tech would either buy or put out of business. You can find that post here.

Daily creates below!

Day 2: #tdc4444 My addiction

I definitely wouldn’t be able to go a day without reading for fun. Even though it’s required for me to read as I go about my day, I definitely have to set aside time to read something I actually enjoy daily. From fiction novels to textbooks examining niche concepts, anything that excites my brain with new things.

Day 3: #tdc4445 Old & New

Newton doesn’t know what he would do without his espresso machine from Williams Sonoma. It grinds and steams his coffee grounds for him and leaves no mess behind so that he can spend more time doing random experiments.


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