the rivalry redefined: andrea’s story

Tell your character’s story or a story from their life through video. This can be as simple as adding images and putting a voiceover, or recording a bit from your character’s life. Use MovieMaker or iMovie to put together the video and throw in some sound effects if you’d like. It is up to you!

Tell Your Character’s Story

This story is written as a sort of inner dialogue that Andrea has as she recounts how she became rivals with Georgia in her journal. Of course, I had to make it ridiculously dramatic so the majority of the script ended up being her complaining about Georgia.

Once I finalized the writing I searched for content for the video. I ended up using paper writing old for the background image and for extra ambience writing with pencil. I already had the photo of Andrea sitting in the chair from my propaganda video so this one was as easy as throwing them together in iMovie


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