there goes my weekly summary: #5

It’s video week!!! We didn’t have as many assignments but instead one big one. Before doing that though we had to update our course goals which can be found here.

The reading and videos this week were really interesting and I definitely overdid it with the notes but I enjoyed the time I wasted so another win for me. I’m definitely gonna spend more time watching the rest of Tony Zhou’s videos in the future.

Finally my video essay. It was a task I enjoyed way too much and I hope someone enjoys listening to the nonsensical production opinions I summoned from the trashcan part of my brain.

Overall a really fun week! Daily creates below.

Create 1: #tdc4412 Poem Portrait

I used the word intrigued because I was feeling that when I was reading about today’s daily create. The results were definitely intriguing as well.

Create 2: #tdc4415 Why Does Captain Felix Look So Happy?

Captain Felix is annoyed with the “customer service” he is receiving


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