serenity now! but for real

In one of the episodes of the last season os Seinfeld, one of the main characters is advised to repeat “serenity now” as a mantra to ease his high blood pressure. Rather than repeat the phrase in a calm and controlled manner in a way that might help, Frank Costanza yells “SERENITY NOW!” at the top of his lungs whenever he feels stressed, thus defeating the purpose of the mantra.

I decided to create a visual piece of video and audio that would correct Frank’s mistake, and attempt to actually create one of those “serenity videos” that are often seen being played at dentist’s offices, or a spa. As an added twist, I loosely based this assignment on the “10 minute video challenge” meme in which a repeated looping of audio or video is played non-stop for 10 minutes. While it’s usually done for comic effect, I stretched the video out, repeating three 50 second nature clips over the course of the 10 minutes.

Serenity Now!

This process was fairly simple. I searched copyright-free websites for audio and video that you would expect to see playing in a spa or office. For music, I used Lo-fi Music Guitar and Looping Rain On Skylight. The videos I used are rain falling on a lake, rain falling from the roof, and a window on a rainy day.

I then simply dropped into the iMovie and repeated the videos and sound, a lot.


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