ds106 radio show indoctrination: a bumper

I didn’t have much of an idea of what to do for the assignment so I asked Dr. Oblivion really nicely and here’s what he said.

Following his instructions I then looked through Freesound for fun jingles to use that fit the theme of AI and decided on this one LoveOnRadio. I thought the electronic music and catchy tune worked well.

For the informative bit of the bumper I wanted to use Dr. Oblivion so I sent him this request: Can you say these things for me? “This is the ds106 radio show where we can all sit down and discuss important topics like AI usage and its place in our world, different forms of media production, and much more. Tune in now!” And of course, being Dr. Oblivion, he added some edits to my script to make it his own which was kind of him since he’s so busy these days.

Finally, I imported both files into Audacity, adjusted volume levels, trimmed them down, and added a fade to the end. I would definitely listen to this show.


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