ai hour experience: audio production

I joined the radio show on Tuesday night, where we listened to the second episode of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? At first, I was a bit confused since I hadn’t heard the previous night’s episode. Though by listening to the episode through the lens of audio production I was quickly able to fill in the gaps of what I missed.

I enjoyed the usage of ambient sound in the background denoting where each scene took place. The sounds of the world outside while traveling. When Deckard confronts the androids and J.R. the accompanying suspense music puts the listener on edge without being too obvious. Also, the usage of sound effects like the breaking of glass as Pris escapes put us right in the scene with them.

The distinct voices of each character made it easy to tell them apart as well as gain a bit of an insight into what they’re like. Resch’s gruff voice and often domineering tone that softens slightly when questioning his status as a human. J.R.’s desperation and loss of faith in the androids when the spider is tortured. And Rachel’s slightly robotic voice and tone of manipulation as she directs Deckard right where she wants him.

The story itself was gripping as well. The exploration of android rights that were only brought into the world by humans who tried to play God. As well as the ending of the story with the final question Rachel delivers to Deckard that it doesn’t matter anymore who’s human or android left me thinking for a while after. At the end of the show, I got to hear a great example of audio production and enjoyed a gripping plot.


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