there goes my weekly summary: #4

This week was audio week!!! We had a lot of stuff to go through but it was honestly still very fun. I enjoy editing a lot and while I hadn’t used Audacity before, I’ve used other audio software before. When I started our first task to experiment with Audacity it was a pretty smooth process. While I didn’t know where everything was and there were different names and processes, it was still just an audio editing platform so adjusting wasn’t too bad. Then I quickly made my SoundCloud account where my audio from this week is uploaded as well as on my blog.

To start off our exploration we had to think about audio storytelling. I enjoyed this assignment because it made me appreciate audio storytelling even more than I did before. His thoughts like how this form of storytelling is only possible because of the connection between the narrator and the listener were things I had never thought of before. The podcast was also just very interesting to listen to.

Then we had to create a radio bumper for the ds106 radio show. Since this was my first time creating a bumper it was very basic but I learned a bit more about its usage on the radio. We also had to listen to the radio show that we just made the bumper for and write our thoughts on audio production. I loved listening to the story that was on the night I was listening which almost made me forget the reason we were there in the first place.

The sound effect story was a fun mode of storytelling that had so much potential since there was no dialogue. It almost felt like I was the narrator of my own story and I’m subjecting my listeners to a tale of someone’s very boring walk to work.

We also 3 assignments this week that had to be from the audio section of the assignment bank and I had a lot of fun making these.

First I tried the TV Product Placement Radio Ad which used clips from one of my favorite shows, Arrested Development so it was pretty enjoyable completing that one since I could just watch funny episodes in the background while I was doing half of the work. I struggled a little bit more on this one than the others since it was the first time I had really sat down and tried to just edit audio instead of making something but overall it came out pretty well.

I then tried the Played From Another Room and while I was initially scared when I read the assignment description, the urge to learn how to do it won over, and here we are. It was cool seeing the little changes the effects had on the audio since I’ve never really edited whole songs before.

The last assignment I did was Breaking News! This one turned out to be the most fun to make. I could have never guessed the bizarre story the AI generator was going to make but it turned out to be the perfect story of another Florida Man.

Last on the list was to brainstorm radio show ideas for our course characters. I did struggle to make even a semi-solid list because I don’t really imagine her being on something like a radio show. Hopefully, inspiration will strike soon but for now, this is it.

And as always my daily creates are below!

Create 1: #tdc4407 Silk Threads

I tried making my roommate’s cat Moby and I think I captured his evil spirit quite well

Create 2: #tdc4408 Message in the Sky

I love silly banners so I had to go and make one

Create 3: #tdc4409 Secret entrance

Just your normal kitchen island entrance



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