how goes ye olde radio show

This week we started really working on our radio show projects. My group found a way to have our show fit both Sydney’s character Georgia, Altan’s character Düşünür, and my own Andrea. Going off our original idea to do a tell-all about Aggressive Technologies, we decided on an interview-style show.

The work was then split up based on what role our character has in the show. Since it’s an interview-style show we’ve been drafting our questions and responses. We also split the work of making the intro, outro, and final compiling of the recordings. Since I love doing all things editing I volunteered to do the latter task so unfortunately the brunt of that work will hit me later next week.

I plan on using DaVinci Resolve for my audio editing specifically because I like how easy it is to manage large projects like this one, unlike Audacity’s very outdated UI. I’ve started putting some things we have already like the ads and bumpers but for now, that’s about it.

I think so far this process is working well. Obviously, you never know until it goes wrong, and that usually happens right at the end but I’m hoping our well-laid-out goals will lead us through.


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