half-baked radio show ideas

My course character Andrea has a bit of a backstory already but leaves enough open for a lot of different radio show ideas.

A lot of my ideas are centered around Georgia (Sydney Says Thingsโ€™ character) since we made them together as almost 2 sides of the same coin. Things we could do would be an informative ad for the company they work for, guest interviews of the two talking about office life, or even just a segment where they talk about their past which likely just turns into a long-winded argument.

I could also do a radio show about the company we created Aggressive Technologies, a software company that Andrea works at. This could either be a reality TV setting where other course characters talk about their experiences, either from working there and giving us an inside look, office drama told dramatically, customers airing their grievances, or just a random character that has loose ties somehow.

Andrea could also be in a radio show as herself, the social butterfly who everyone flocks to. People are drawn to her because she exudes confidence, always knows what to do, has infinite connections, and the luck that seems to follow her as things seem to almost magically happen in her favor. The same people are also blind to her often self-centered behaviors, mistake the influence she has as her own and not her parents, and her instinct to crush those in her path. I can imagine Andrea on a radio show about the social scene of New York, a tell-all about her influential family (I have some potential stories for them), or a talk show with her and other course characters that flesh well together.

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